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Marshal Law Deluxe Edition Signed Hardcover

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MARSHAL LAW is a violent, satirical series about a futuristic law official charged with policing super-heroes gone rogue by any means necessary, all while fighting his own self-hatred for being the thing he hates most: a super-hero.

Featuring art by Kevin O'Neill, illustrator of THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, the centerpiece of this massive volume is the original six-part tale in which Marshal Law hunts down the Sleepman, a serial killer who is somehow connected to the popular hero known as The Public Spirit.

Copies of this cult classic are SCARCE and we have a limited number of hardcovers and softcovers available, all signed by Pat Mills.

See the softcover listing for price details and availability.


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Marshal Law hardcover signed by Pat Mills


Marshal Law Deluxe Edition Signed Hardcover

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