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Requiem Vampire Knight 11
Dead Love
Available for the first time in English!
Resurrection - a dark and twisted world where evil souls are reborn as monsters and everything is in reverse: time runs backwards, progress is banned, and evil is good.

Can Requiem and Rebecca finally find happiness together: a Vampire Knight, and his Victim? Swept away by the storm from The Limbos to the ruins of war torn Berlin, their fated relationship reaches a devastating climax in the city where it all began …

But what of events on Resurrection?

Savage warfare; ingenious torture methods; treachery; grisly deaths; jaw-dropping stupidity and exquisite cunning. All your favorite things in one comic book!

Dead Love opens in Lake Geneva, 1816. A certain group writers and poets are gathered to explore the mysteries of the universe and that which lies beyond the veil of death. Miss Shelley pays a high price for her inspiration for her great horror masterpiece.

You haven’t lived until you’ve died!


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Carlos Ezquerra's 2000AD & Judge Dredd Colouring Book

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