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Resurrection - a dark and twisted world where evil souls are reborn as monsters and everything is in reverse: time runs backwards, progress is banned, and evil is good.

Can Requiem and Rebecca finally find happiness together: a Vampire Knight, and his Victim? Swept away by the storm from The Limbos to the ruins of war torn Berlin, their fated relationship reaches a devastating climax in the city where it all began …

But what of events on Resurrection?

Savage warfare; ingenious torture methods; treachery; grisly deaths; jaw-dropping stupidity and exquisite cunning. All your favorite things in one comic book!

Dead Love opens in Lake Geneva, 1816. A certain group writers and poets are gathered to explore the mysteries of the universe and that which lies beyond the veil of death. Miss Shelley pays a high price for her inspiration for her great horror masterpiece.

You haven’t lived until you’ve died!

Praise for Requiem

The series is violent, satirical, imaginative, and—above all else—gorgeous. Like, eyes popping out of your head, “oh man look at this page!” gorgeous.

Mike Isenberg, Comixologist

Unashamedly adult, bloody yet gorgeous, seductive and revolting, a glorious clash of emotional responses.

Michael Kelly, Goodreads

Requiem is packed cover-to-cover by action, great dialogue and a magnificent art.

Marco Piva, Big Glasgow Comic Page

Comic details

48 pages full colour art

Genre: Adult horror/Vampire/Fantasy/Black comedy/Action Adventure

Available as PDF - 257MB or CBZ - 161MB

Letterers: Jacques Collin and Lisa Mills

Digital editor: Lisa Mills

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Volumes 1-10 of this epic dark fantasy are available on Comixology

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